Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jewelry Fashion Tip!

Ok, so us girls love jewelry, right?! So, here are a couple good things to keep in mind....:)
Tip #1: Wanna look put together? Quick and Easy:)

  • Do you live always on the go?? Well, as you are running out the door, DONT FORGET YOUR JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES! It doesn't take much! With only 4, that's right only FOUR things, you look completely put together!:) This doesn't have to be jewelry items, but they could be! (A pair of earrings, a ring, a watch, a necklace and you're good to go.) It can also be just simple accessories, including glasses, a purse, a scarf or anything like that!
Tip #2: Bracelets?

  • When you are wearing bracelets, it typically looks better if you wear an ODD number of them! Funny, right? Now, I know this might not be true for all cases, just a general thing to keep in mind. An odd number of pieces, especially in jewelry, typically is more pleasing to the eye! So maybe its only 1, or maybe 5 or 7, have fun with it, but remember ODD numbers and you are good to go!:))

Let me know on here or on my Facebook page what other things you would like to see me write about:) You are Royal Beauty!

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