Thursday, March 15, 2012

Luck of the Irish!

Hello Royal Beauties! Guess what is coming up?! St. Patty's Day! YAY! Hahahaha I love this holiday, I think its so fun! So!! I wanted to come up with a St. Patrick's Day look to share with you guys and hopefully inspire you to create your own "green" themed makeup look for this Saturday. Let's get to it! Here are the pics!

To get this look:
I used NYX trio eyeshadows for the green. I put all three shades on my lid from lightest in the inner part to darkest in the outer corner and blend!! I also put the middle green shade along my lower lid close to my lashes. I used ELF cream eyeshadow in Candlelight in the inner corner by the tear duct and then just tapped a white powder eyeshadow on top of it to set it. I lined my upper and lower lids in black liner and then curled my lashes and put on my favorite mascara. Then I chose to add rhinestones to add some sparkle, but those are optional:) Then I put on my favorite ELF bronzer, and ELF HD powder, and then a nude lip stick. And that's it! You're done! :))

Have a lucky St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Abstract #2

Hey Royal Beauties! My friend Alli sent me this abstract picture for this series, and wanted me to do a makeup look for it - I think this picture is so cool!

SO! I wanted to make sure that I emphasized the "tear drop" kind of a pattern that is seen throughout this picture. And I also wanted to make sure that I got the layers of color and shape into the look. Here is what I came up with!

So I put the yellow color on my lid up to the crease. Then I added a blackish/brownish (I mixed the two) in my crease, and brushed it around the outer corner of my eye and brought it down to the outer third of my lower lid. Then I put a copper color on the top edge of that to blend it out. I lined my eye and put on my mascara. In order to convey the shape of the picture to my eye, I put a black rhinestone on my inner corner (you can also create the same "point" effect with eyeliner) and put a half circle of rhinestones along the edge of the eyeshadow to emphasize the outer oval shape. And that was it! I hope you like this look and it inspires you to create something beautiful! Email me a picture that you like from the internet or that you created and I will create a makeup look and do a blog post on it! ( Don't forget to "like" Royal Beauty on Facebook! Much love! Have a WONDERFUL Saturday... Smile:) xoxo

Work it! Fabulous Fashion Friday

Hey all! So this fashion Friday is a very simple, yet fashion-forward look. It can be a school outfit, work outfit, or stylish weekend outfit. Take a look:

So it is a loose, flowy top - with a neat design and a lot of colors - that has a tighter waist line that shows off your hips. I personally love these kinds of tops because they can be casual or more dressy depending on what you wear with them. Then you throw on your favorite jeans - with a looser top I would recommend skinny jeans. And then put on a pair of boots - I personally like the heels but flats work too;) And then accessorize!! Because the design of my top was so big and intricate I decided not to add a necklace because I felt it would be too overwhelming, so I stuck to bangles and rings and my watch! :) Hope you like it!! Remember to be YOU! And dress in a way that shows people who YOU are!:) Stay strong and stay beautiful:) xoxo

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Need YOU!

Yes YOU! I need your help my fellow friends! I am starting an abstract series, and I want all of my beauties to be involved! So! Find a picture or a painting off of the internet, or take a picture of art that you created and email it to me (! I will create a makeup look off of it, and make a blog post with the picture and the look that came from it! Also click the LIKE button!!! I will be posting many more updates on my new Facebook page! Help me get the word out, tell your friend if you like what you see!!
Much love, xoxo
P.S. - tomorrow will be Fabulous Fashion Friday and my first featured Abstract look this weekend! :) Stay tuned!