Saturday, March 3, 2012

Work it! Fabulous Fashion Friday

Hey all! So this fashion Friday is a very simple, yet fashion-forward look. It can be a school outfit, work outfit, or stylish weekend outfit. Take a look:

So it is a loose, flowy top - with a neat design and a lot of colors - that has a tighter waist line that shows off your hips. I personally love these kinds of tops because they can be casual or more dressy depending on what you wear with them. Then you throw on your favorite jeans - with a looser top I would recommend skinny jeans. And then put on a pair of boots - I personally like the heels but flats work too;) And then accessorize!! Because the design of my top was so big and intricate I decided not to add a necklace because I felt it would be too overwhelming, so I stuck to bangles and rings and my watch! :) Hope you like it!! Remember to be YOU! And dress in a way that shows people who YOU are!:) Stay strong and stay beautiful:) xoxo

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