Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweet and Simple

It's Fabulous Fashion Friday once again! And only in the state of Colorado can you go from being snowed inside all day long (Snow Day!) and exactly a week later have sunny weather and warm enough to wear short sleeves! :)
So! This is a very simple, fun, sassy, casual look, that ANYONE can put together and pull off.

For an outfit like this, take any short sleeve top that is loose, and baggy - it can have a pattern or design or just be solid. Since mine had a unique design, I only wore a really simple little necklace, if it is a solid top then I would suggest that you pair it with a bigger, more extravagant necklace. But no matter what your top is like bracelets are ESSENTIAL! Don't be afraid of mixing and matching colors and designs and "feels" of the bracelets to get a bold unique look. :) Throw some bangles on, maybe a watch and some other random things and bam! Its a style that is YOU! Also, I would recommend adding some rings to jazz those fingers up a little more. Next moving down to the jeans... Wear fitted jeans (skinny, bootcut, whatever your favorite is) that are medium to dark wash. And then throw on a belt to put the whole thing together and make your waist look defined. And then just wear your favorite pair of tennis shoes, or boots to finish it off. My makeup for this look, I kept it simple as well.

Just used a subtle shimmery skin-toned eyeshadow for my lid (I used "sin" from Urban Decay). And then put a colored eyeliner that would make my eyes stand out a little more. For my face, just put on my blush and a little bronzer and put a nude lipstick on my lips and I was ready to go!:) (PS - you might be seeing more about this look in the near future!!) ;)
So that is it for this week's Fabulous Fashion Friday! Hope you liked it! And I hope it inspires you to put your own sweet and simple look together! Blessings my beautiful friends! God loves you... don't forget to smile.... :) Xoxoxo

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