Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day!

Hello all of my dear friends! So, yes today is Friday, but there will be no Fabulous Fashion Friday today, because it is snowing like crazy and I am not gonna get out of my pjs! ;) Instead, I will be posting the "Fabulous Fashion Friday" on Sunday this week. But, to give you guys something to read today, I am posting a "how-to" that my friend Sara did on her nails! Something fun that you guys can try to do!

Here is a picture:

Here is how she did them:

Newspaper Nails
So to do these nails, first you need to prep your nails by using a nail scrubber to get all the dirt out of your nails and a nail file to get them the shape you need! If you don't have either of those 2 things it isn't super important. When your nails are ready take any color you want. Usually light colors work best. I used a Essie in Marshmallow. Then if its a light color put as many coats on it as you need so it isn't see threw. Then let your nails dry completely! Then when they are done drying, cut out 10 small squares of newspaper. Then take bottled water pour it into a cup and stick your nail in, and pull it straight out. Make sure your whole nail was in the water. Then right after you take it out, take one of your square pieces of newspaper and stick it on your nail the way you want. Then with your free fingers, press super hard trying not to move it. Press for about 10 seconds and then jest press around the corners. Then you think its done pull the newspaper off slowly. And after you get the look you want make sure and don't touch your nail for about 5-10 minutes. Because its water and not rubbing alcohol it will rub off super easy. Let it dry then after that you can slowly and gently put your top coat on! And you got Newspaper Nails! :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed and that you have some fun with this and it inspires you to do more cool things with your nails! Talk to you on Sunday! Blessings! xoxo

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