Monday, January 30, 2012

Sassy Classy School Girl - Look #2

Hello fellow Beauties!
I am excited to show you all the second "Sassy Classy School Girl" look, and I really hope that it inspires you and gives you ideas on how to enhance your natural beauty in only a few easy steps! So here are the pictures of this classy school girl look:

As you all can see, this is a very natural, subtle look, that you can use to make your best features pop! Make it you and make it beautiful!

Steps to getting this look:

*NOTE: When recreating this look, you can use whatever products and whatever shades you like to make it suit you best! These are just my general recommendations based on what I did to achieve this look.

1. (Optional: apply your primer and/or base.) First, take a light, skin-toned, brownish shade of eyeshadow, and apply it from the inner corner and cover the first 3/4 of the lid. Then take a deep brown eyeshadow and apply it from the outer corner and blend it in (on only about the outer 1/4). Make sure that you blend this really well, so that it just gives that dimension to the eye. The last step for the eyeshadow is add a pop of color in the crease! For this look specifically, I would choose a color that is the same color of your eyes, and a similar shade so that it makes your eyes pop, yet still looks very sweet and natural.

2. Liner and mascara! As you can see, the liner and mascara are fairly simple for this look. Put a thin line of black eyeliner (pencil, gel, liquid - whichever you prefer) right up against your lashes on you UPPER lid. If you want, you can apply a little bit of liner on the bottom lid, but not much! you don't want it to distract from the subtlety of the look. Next, take your mascara, curl your lashes if you have an eyelash curler, apply 1-2 coats of mascara. Make sure your mascara doesn't get clumpy, and that your lashes stay as separated as you can make them. Tip: you can use your finger to help with this ;) Don't apply any mascara on the bottom lashes.

3. Fill in and/or shape your eyebrows. This is important because it really does help frame your face, and add that polished, chic look and that helps complete the overall look. So, its worth it to makes sure to add this step to your routine in the morning! :)

4. Apply a very very lightly colored, natural blush - I recommend a light peachy or tannish shade. I actually personally didn't use blush, I only used my bonzer for this look. It has a very pretty tone to it with several different tan shades as well as some peach shades mixed in. It added that natural sculpt and color to my face. But you can use whatever your favorite blush or bronzer is that makes you look polished to perfection!

5. Gloss those lips girl! ESSENTIAL! Do NOT forget this step!! This will take any look to a whole different level. :)

Comment or email or message me with comments! I really hopes this helps expand what you think you can do with your makeup!! Thank you for all your support. Blessings beauties! Rock this look to your school or workplace and know that you look extra beautiful. :)) xoxo

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