Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sassy Classy School Girl - Look #1

Hello all my beautiful friends!
So! I have gotten a request from several people to start a series that has tips, tutorials and ideas, for simple, pretty and easy-to-do makeup looks that anyone can do! This is the first post of the series, tell me what you think!

Ok, so this is the look!

Tips/keys on how to get this look 5 EASY STEPS:

1. I only used ONE eyeshadow color for this look. (WHAT?! Ya, I know. Hahaha.) So! First step: choose a color that you like that contrasts with your eyes. (Blue: gray/brown; Brown: pink/green, Green: purples.) I would recommend applying a primer and/or a base before you put on your eyeshadow, it helps it stick better and last longer and have a brighter pigmentation! Second, since we are only using one color, I would recommend using a color with multiple shades inside that one eyeshadow. For example, this is what I used:

Hopefully you can see in the picture, there are many different tones and shades of purple in this eyeshadow. Which definitely helps add dimension even though you are only using one shadow.
I know that Ulta carries this brand, Maybelline has something similar, and so does MAC. So, there
are many different options, so go get you some!! It is a VERY good thing to add to your makeup!

2. Next, line your upper and lower lid with a black liner (with pencil or gel or liquid - whichever you prefer). Curl lashes (optional, but recommended). Apply your favorite mascara:)

3. Fill in eyebrows, make them look full! This helps frame the face, and accentuate your eyes. This step is optional, but highly recommended if you have an extra two minutes before you walk out the door!

4. Add some color to that face! This just adds so much to the overall look. Throw on some blush or bronzer  (whichever you prefer) or both! It makes you appear more awake and youthful and definitely gives you more of a glow, so don't forget to put on some blush.

5. The last and most important step... GLOSS! Do NOT leave your house without gloss on your lips and in your pocket or in your purse. This pulls the whole look together and polishes everything up! And it adds a LOT! So when you are on your way to school or work, make sure to bring lip gloss, it will just add that "something" and enhance the natural beauty of your face! :)

You are a royal beauty! So take time to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel even just a little bit better about yourself and more confident because you feel more beautiful. I hope that this gave you some tips and ideas on how to put a simple, easy look together! More on the way! I love you all!! Blessings beauties:) xoxo


  1. This was beautiful! So pretty!

    1. Thank you very much! I hope people find it helpful and learn something new!! I am glad to hear that you liked it and thought it was pretty!! hahahaha:)) Blessings Beauty!