Friday, January 27, 2012

Thinking of Spring :)

Ok, so this is a look that is chilling for the weekend! Kind of a casual look. More cozy winter-ish style, but hopes for spring....

Ok, so this fashion friday, is a cool colored, cute, solid short sleeve shirt, and deep washed skinny jeans, and some simple tennis shoes. To give it more personality, spice it up by adding a fun scarf. This will be instead of the necklace, because its big enough to be one of the main focuses of the outfit. Next, continue accessorizing with some bracelets, and rings, and a watch or whatever you can use to make the outfit scream YOU!
On to the makeup...

I just put together some "cool" colored eyeshadows (teal, greens), and added some black liner, and mascara on my eyes, and threw on some blush and lip gloss and was ready to go! I hope this inspires you all to have some more fun playing with your outfits and makeup... Talk to you soon my Beauties!! xoxo:)


  1. i Love your posts! They are so simple yet chic, things that i usually wear! Found you on twitter followed! :')


    1. That means so much to hear that!! You have no idea! Thank you so very much!! THANK YOU!!! Blessings beauty:)) xoxo

  2. love ur outfit and love the look!

    pls check out my blog -
    would appreciate if you could follow me back. thanks xx

    1. Yay!! Thank you very much:) I checked out your blog! I like it!