Friday, January 20, 2012

Bronzed Beauty!

Ok, so from what I know, a lot of people are intimidated by and refuse to use bronzer... this is because they don't know how to use it! If you are willing to try it out, or even consider it, then keep reading!

  •  FIRST THING'S FIRST! - Choosing the right color.
    • Everybody wants a beautiful sun-kissed glow, right?! But what you do NOT want is to look like an oompa loompa. Therefore, getting the right colored bronzer is a MUST. Many women make the mistake of getting too dark of a bronzer, and end up looking either orange or "dirty". So, when you are picking out a bronzer, find one that is ONLY one to two shades darker than your skin tone! Some brands help you with this, by labeling which bronzer is recommended for which skin tones. Bronzers can be powers, or liquids, or rub-on sheets... I personally prefer powder.
  • NEXT - How to apply it.
    • Keep in mind, no matter what, you only need a LITTLE bit to begin with, and if you want to, you can build it up to have a more noticeable color. But don't overdo it! So! How do I recommend applying bronzer? Lightly swirl your brush around in the bronzer, and tap off the excess product. Then, think: "where would the sun naturally hit my face?" First, gently sweep the bronzer across the outer third of your forehead, right up against your hair line. Sweep it down, past your eyes, and across your cheek bone towards the nose from the forehead. Do this to each side of your face. So basically you are making and outline of a "C" on each side. That is the most basic, if you want a little more of a bronzed look, then lightly sweep it down the bridge of your nose, and along the jawline. 
  • GO TRY IT! Don't be afraid to experiment! If you have any questions, email me:)
    • If you really want a cheap bronzer just to try out, then go for ELF brand (eyeslipsface). I recommend their $3 studio bronzers, but they also have just a $1 compact. The tough thing about these though is trying to match it to your skin color so it looks pretty, but I personally do like them. I use the Golden Bronzer from the Studio line. You can get these at Target or online at 
    • My FAVORITE bronzer is the physicians formula "Powder Palette: Multi-Colored Face Powder" in light bronzer. It was around $10 and its perfect! I recommend the physicians formula brand for bronzers personally. They have a lot of different options (for different skin tones, matte, shimmer), they are reasonable prices, oil-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and they are very safe for sensitive skin and just... GREAT! 
      • Go check out their bronzers on their website:
      • You can also find their products at Target!
So try out bronzers and see what you think! Blessings bronzed beauties!:))


  1. I always, ALWAYS use bronzer, its one of my essentials everyday! It gives a great glow, i apply it in a three shape (forehead, cheek bone, chin). Great post!


    1. So do I!! I didn't used to, but now I can't live without it! And ya, I do the 3 shape too! :) I just figured a C was simpler for people who aren't used to using it:) lol. Thank you! I hope it was fairly straightforward and easy to understand:))
      <3 Thanks for your comment!!