Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shopping Spree with Me and Mom!:)

Hey Beauties!
So, I had an awesome Saturday yesterday, and I hope you all did too!:)
My mom and I went out together to have some girl time and do one of our favorite things.... SHOP!
I just wanted to share with you guys some of the fun stuff I got, because I am soooo excited!:)
Here we go!
First stop... Ulta.

There were a lot of buy one get one 50% percent off throughout the store. So, taking advantage of it, we each got ourselves two different Maybelline mascaras. I usually like their mascaras... but there was only in the past that I wasn't really too fond of, the Great Lash (pink and green) mascara... It just seemed kind of clumpy and cheap. But with this sale I wanted to try two different ones that I had never gotten before. I got the Colossal Volume Express and the Classic Volume Express Maybelline mascaras. And I am soooo excited about them!

I already tried the Colossal Volume (left) this morning... and I LOVE it!:)) Overall, I would highly recommend Maybelline mascaras! I am not willing to pay $20 or more for mascara, and I think the mascaras from Maybelline work just as well. Go get you some of these!;)

Next stop... Claires!!
Gotta love Claire's right?! I had gotten $40 in gift cards at Christmas for Claire's, and so yesterday we went to go spend it! Here is what I got!
Another pair of super cute sunglasses:

Nail stuff (because I am bad at painting my nails :P) - stickers and glue-ons:

And some fun bracelets!!!:)

And last stop.... VANS! AHHH:)) I am SO SO SOOO excited about my new shoes! I got this really pretty deep purple shoe with black laces. Here are the pics:

YAYYY! Ok, so that concludes my shopping spree, and I hope you guys had some fun:)) Let me know if you want me to do reviews on any of these things in particular. Another makeup look will be posted today or tomorrow! Blessings Beauties!!:)

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